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TaylorVicki Strode's Story
My husband and I visited many so-called specialists in the field of reproductive endocrinology. We were told by all of them that the only way we could achieve pregnancy was through In Vitro Fertilization. We were never satisfied with their recommendations, because not one of these "specialists" could ever give us a definitive explanation for the cause of our infertility.

We finally found our way to Dr. Simckes, through the Internet of all things! We were extremely reluctant to visit him, since we didn't know much about him, but it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. He truly listened to us, he saw our hearts and he worked diligently to help us conceive. His energy and optimism are contagious! Infertile couples need a cheerleader who truly believes in them and understands why they are on an emotional roller coaster. On our first visit he discovered the cause of our infertility, scheduled surgery for the following week and within a few months we were pregnant! Unfortunately, this pregnancy ended in miscarriage. But there was Dr. Simckes, holding our hands and in a quiet way, letting us know he cared and would continue to be there for us.

Dr. Simckes is very direct and honest. We have never left his office wondering what he thought. When the time came for us to surrender to IVF, we knew that was our only option and we knew we had a secret weapon along the way...Dr. Simckes as our personal cheerleader.

We were pregnant on our first IVF cycle and Dr. Simckes cared for us throughout the pregnancy. Yes, I say us, because couples are in this together. Dr. Simckes fully understands this and he made sure that my husband was always informed. Our daughter, Taylor, is the greatest blessing God has ever given us and we are so grateful for the help of Dr. Simckes.

SistersMistie Thompson's story
In 2002, when I was 6 1/2  weeks pregnant, a local hospital told me I would miscarry & recommended to Dr. Simckes that he perform a D&C. Fortunately, he recommended waiting a few more days to make sure there was no heartbeat at 7 weeks before doing the D&C. After 4 anxious days, an ultrasound confirmed what Dr. Simckes had suspected - our baby was still alive & had a strong heartbeat! Our beautiful redhead Faith was born 7 months later at 39 weeks, perfectly healthy and thanks to Dr. Simckes, who defied the hospital's recommendation and trusted his knowledge and experience to save our baby. It's obvious why we named her Faith after that experience! Thank you, Dr. Simckes, for saving our baby (who just celebrated her 7th birthday), and for safely delivering her sister, Gabrielle, 3 years later. You are a gift from God, and we thank Him for you every day.


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