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Your First Visit


The Fertility Partnership understands that undergoing fertility treatment can be a daunting process. On your first visit, you’ll probably hear many new terms and undergo many tests. Our goal is to help you walk away from every visit to the Fertility Partnership feeling informed and encouraged.

At your first visit, expect to spend about two hours in the office. We have plenty of comfortable places to relax, but you might want to bring a book or a MP3 player to help pass the time. The office is equipped with wireless Internet access, so feel free to bring your laptop.

When you arrive at the Fertility Partnership we’ll meet in our patient consultation room. This is your chance to ask absolutely anything – no question is off-limits. The consultation is meant to show you where we are headed and make sure we are all on the same page regarding your unique needs, concerns and desires.

Initial Workup
After the consultation, you will meet with the medical staff to begin an initial health workup, including a physical exam, a pelvic exam, any necessary blood tests, ultrasounds and for men, a semen analysis. Before we create a plan of action, we need a complete picture of your health so that we can understand the particular issues you face.

Diagnostic Testing/Surgery
The initial workup may reveal that you need additional diagnostic testing to determine the root cause or causes of infertility. This testing may include a hysterosalpingogram, a hysteroscopy and/or a laparoscopy. All are done by either by Dr. Simckes on-site at the Fertility Partnership or by your own OB/GYN. If anesthesia is needed while undergoing testing at the Fertility Partnership, board-certified nurse anesthetists will be on hand to administer the anesthesia and monitor you throughout the procedures.

Treatment Plan
You’ll close your first visit to the Fertility Partnership by meeting with Dr. Simckes. He’ll go over your test results, step by step, and suggest a plan of action, whether it be diagnostic testing, surgery, medication or other fertility treatments such as IVF. Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Simckes as many questions as you would like. This is your time to gain a complete understanding of your next steps on your journey to having a baby.

In many cases, your fertility plan will include a list of medications. We’ll go over each medication, as well as dosing schedules and methods, in detail. You will have a dedicated Care Liaison just phone call away around the clock if you need help.


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