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Understanding Infertility

Women’s Infertility Issues

From our earliest memories of role play as “mommy,” most women look forward to the day when they have a baby. Often, we never even consider that we may encounter problems conceiving, until month after month passes without a pregnancy, and the frustration, anger and confusion start to build.

Although you may already have done your homework and be well acquainted with the many possible causes of female infertility, we hope that reviewing the major causes will help emphasize that, in many cases, proper diagnosis and treatment can help. One of the first things you’ll do at the Fertility Partnership is a complete physical screening, as well as a review of any tests you may already have had. This will help our medical team get a complete picture of your individual situation and look for possible solutions that may have been missed in earlier medical encounters.

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Mens Infertility

While not as often discussed, male infertility can be as prevalent – and as difficult for couples to deal with emotionally – as female infertility. Male infertility occurs in approximately one-third of couples struggling to conceive – virtually the same as the incidence of female infertility. Despite this, for many men the ability to father a child is a physical expression of their masculinity. As a result, men facing infertility issues may feel embarrassment, frustration, or even anger that can hinder relationships and bring even more stress to an already stressful situation.

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Secondary Infertility

If you have given birth before but are now struggling to get pregnant, you’re not alone. Approximately three million people in the United States are battling secondary infertility, and it is a frustrating, painful and isolating experience. The causes are often the same as those faced by people who have never been able to have a baby, which can include blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis or poor sperm quality.

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